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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Road Closure - Lower Rainham Road

Click map to enlarge.

For sewer connection, starting from the 6th of February until the 26th of February.

Closure in force all the time - Emergency access will be maintained at all times.

More info at ☞

Upchurch Matters

Upchurch Village Fete 2017 - Update


Friday, 20 January 2017

Swale Weekly Planning List - 20th January 2017

The latest list of applications received by the Council under the Town and Country Planning Acts.

You may inspect a copy of any application on our online planning database or at the Sheppey Gateway, 38-42 High street, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 1NL, or Alexander Centre, 15 Preston Street, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8NZ or Swale Borough Council, Swale House, East Street, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 3HT.

You can make your comments online or by email to: or in writing to MKIP Planning Support Service, Maidstone House, King Street, Maidstone ME15 6JQ. Applications with the following suffix: ADJ, AGRIC, COUNTY, CPD, DEMO, SUB, TELNOT, TCA, NMAND, EIASCR or EIASCO are for information only. If an application is a householder application, in the event that an appeal is made against a decision of the Council to refuse to grant planning permission for the proposed development, and that appeal then proceeds by way of the expedited procedure under the written representations procedure, any representations will be passed to the Secretary of State and there will be no opportunity to make further representation.

Please be aware that any comments and your name and address will be placed on file, which will be available for public inspection and published in full on the Internet. We will not publish your signature, email address or phone number on our website. If you make any written comments we will notify you of the outcome of the application. We will not make a decision on any application referred to in this list before 21 days from the date when the application was registered as valid except for those with the following suffix: ADJ, AGRIC, COUNTY, CPD, DEMO, SUB, TELNOT, TCA, NMAND, EIASCR or EIASCO.

Application: 17/500187/PNEXT
Officer: Miss Alice Reeves
Grid: 606817/159204
Ward: Boughton And Courtenay
Parish: Dunkirk
Address: 7 Berkeley Close Dunkirk Kent ME13 9TR
Proposal: Prior notification for a proposed single storey rear extension which: A) Extends by 4 metres beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling. B) Has a maximum height of 3.35 metres for the natural ground level. C) Has a height of 2.25 metres at the eaves from the natural ground level.
Applicant: Mr D O'Leary
Contact Address: C/O Sehbac 1 Olympus Close Ipswich Suffolk IP1 5LJ

Application: 17/500249/SUB
Officer: Mandi Pilcher
Grid: 604744/158661
Ward: Boughton And Courtenay
Parish: Boughton Under Blean

Address: Nailbourne Oast South Street Boughton Under Blean Kent ME13 9NB
Proposal: Submission of details pursuant to condition 3: Samples of felt tiles, condition 5: Details of manure storage & disposal, condition 7: Details of soft landscaping, Condition 8: Soft landscape works to be carried out in accordance with approved details, and Condition 9: Replacement of diseased or damaged trees or shrubs (within 5 years of planting) - original application ref: 16/506866/FULL
Applicant: Mr Michael G Moran
Contact Address: C/O Agriquestrian Consultants FAO. Mr David Wood 129 Reigate Road Ewell Epsom Surrey

Application: 16/508686/FULL
Officer: Mandi Pilcher
Grid: 589533/163988
Ward: Borden And Grove Park
Address: 24 Bourne Grove Sittingbourne Kent ME10 1SZ
Proposal: Erection of a single storey rear extension (flat roof)
Applicant: Mrs B Austin
Contact Address: C/O Mesanean Designs FAO. Mr Dean Parker 4 Bell Way Kingswood Maidstone Kent

Application: 16/508619/FULL
Officer: Ross McCardle
Grid: 589470/163953
Ward: Borden And Grove Park
Address: 94 London Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 1NS
Proposal: Change of use from 19 Room House in Multiple Occupancy to 19 Unit Bed & Breakfast Accommodation including means of access and 13 car parking spaces. Erection of two new build bed and breakfast rooms in a self contained detached block.
Applicant: Mr Hardev Singh
Contact Address: C/O TPFL Architects The Studio F14 St Georges Business Park Castle Road Sitingbourne Kent

Application: 17/500095/SUB
Officer: Emma Eisinger
Grid: 590304/164097
Ward: Chalkwell
Parish: Unparished
Address: M-real Sittingbourne Paper Mill Westbourne Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 3ET Proposal: Submission of Details to Discharge Condition 24 - Geotechnical Investigation/Controlled Waters Risk Assessment , Condition 26 - Piling Risk Assessment subject to SW/11/0159
Applicant: Mr Red Iskander
Contact Address: C/O Mr Andrew Wakefield NC Architects Ltd 23 High Street Wroughton Swindon SN4 9JX

Application: 17/500089/TCA
Officer: Sara Potter
Grid: 599352/159202
Ward: East Downs
Parish: Ospringe

Address: Lorenden Preparatory School  Painters Forstal Road Ospringe ME13 0EN Proposal: Trees in Conservation Area Notification - Lime Tree (T25 shown on map submitted) needs to be felled due major decay to main stem.
Applicant: Lorenden School
Contact Address: F.A.O Mr Derek Bird  Painters Forstal Road Ospring Kent ME13 0EN

Application: 17/500161/SUB
Officer: Ross McCardle
Grid: 591149/174455
Ward: Sheerness
Parish: Unparished
Address: Land At Thamesteel Brielle Way Sheerness Kent
Proposal: Submission of Details to Discharge Condition 3 - Reptile Translocation subject to 16/506143/FULL
Applicant: UK Energy Reserve
Contact Address: C/O Mr Clive Fagg Radcliffe House Blenheim Court Lode Lane SOLIHULL B91 2AA

Application: 16/508663/FULL
Officer: Paul Gregory
Grid: 583926/166016
Ward: Hartlip, Newington And Upchurch
Parish: Upchurch
Address: Gore Farm Oak Lane Upchurch Kent ME9 7EZ
Proposal: Outdoor riding arena/menage
Applicant: Mr Duncan Vince
Contact Address: 74 Allington Road Gillingham Kent ME8 6PH

Application: 16/508446/FULL
Officer: Andrew Byrne
Grid: 590113/168093
Ward: Bobbing, Iwade And Lower Halstow
Parish: Iwade
Address: Land At The Street Farm Iwade Kent ME9 8SJ
Proposal: Construct the remaining 4/5 bed detached dwelling previously approved under planning ref SW/06/1355 incorporating minor amendments/conservatory to rear.
Applicant: Richard Beale Holdings Ltd
Contact Address: C/O Surveying & Sustainability Services F.A.O Mr Daniel Salisbury MRICS 160 High Street Rochester ME1 1ER

Application: 16/508492/REM
Officer: Ross McCardle
Grid: 589733/167147
Ward: Bobbing, Iwade And Lower Halstow
Parish: Iwade
Address: Coleshall Farm  Ferry Road Iwade ME9 8QY
Proposal: Application for approval of reserved matters pursuant to planning permission SW/08/1127 for provision of public open space adjacent to Sheppey Way, and landscaping details.
Applicant: Persimmon Homes South East
Contact Address: FAO. Mr Stephen Clark Scholars House College Road Maidstone ME15 6SJ

Application: 17/500102/FULL
Officer: Ross McCardle
Grid: 589733/167147
Ward: Bobbing, Iwade And Lower Halstow
Parish: Iwade
Address: Coleshall Farm  Ferry Road Iwade ME9 8QY
Proposal: Demolition of existing outbuilding and stable and replacement two storey garage with annexe.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Butler
Contact Address: C/O Anthony Swaine Architecture Ltd F.A.O Ms Tracy Perry-Rutt The Bastion Tower  16 Pound Lane Canterbury CT1 2BZ

Application: 17/500228/SUB
Officer: Paul Gregory
Grid: 587890/164316
Ward: Bobbing, Iwade And Lower Halstow
Parish: Bobbing
Address: 18 Keycol Hill Bobbing ME9 8ND
Proposal: Submission of Details pursuant to Condition 2 - Materials, Condition 3 - Proposed Elevations and Floor plans, Condition 6 - Windows and Condition 8 - Watching Brief of 16/505212/FULL.
Applicant: Mr Monks
Contact Address: 18  Keycol Hill BOBBING ME9 8ND

Application: 17/500100/LAWPRO
Officer: Aaron Wilkinson
Grid: 590816/165555
Ward: Kemsley
Address: 45 Adisham Green Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2RQ
Proposal: Lawful Development Certificate for proposed flat roof timber shed/garden room.
Applicant: Mr Tim Peckham
Contact Address: 45 Adisham Green Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2RQ

Application: 16/505848/SUB
Officer: Emma Eisinger
Grid: 595180/173476
Ward: Minster Cliffs
Parish: Minster-On-Sea
Address: 64 Wards Hill Road Minster-on-sea Kent ME12 2LQ
Proposal: Submission of details pursuant to Condition 6: Details of existing and proposed site levels and Condition 18: Sustainable construction techniques, of application 14/503697/FULL.
Applicant: Mr Michael Gittings
Contact Address: Michael Gittings Associates 14 Vale Road Loose Maidstone Kent

Application: 17/500061/FULL
Officer: Claire Attaway
Grid: 595238/173844
Ward: Minster Cliffs
Parish: Minster-On-Sea
Address: Shangri La Southsea Avenue Private Street Minster-on-sea Kent
Proposal: Proposed loft conversion including roof alterations and 4 dormers

Applicant: Mr L Johnson
Contact Address: C/O Nigel Sands & Associates FAO. Mr Nigel Sands Wises Oast Business Centre  Wises Lane Borden Sittingbourne

Application: 16/508552/FULL

Officer: Aaron Wilkinson
Grid: 591978/164131
Ward: Murston
Address: Garages Gorse Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 3QH
Proposal: Replacement garages.
Applicant: AmicusHorizon Ltd
Contact Address: Building 190 Carver Drive Kent Science Park Sittingbourne Kent

Application: 17/500123/FULL
Officer: Claire Attaway
Grid: 592201/163663
Ward: Murston
Address: 7 Lansdown Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 3BU
Proposal: Erection of a single storey rear extension.
Applicant: Mr M Ryback
Contact Address: C/O Richard Baker Partnership FAO: Mr R Baker 31 Highsted Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4PS

Application: 17/500119/SUB
Officer: Paul Gregory
Grid: 592488/164270
Ward: Murston
Address: East Hall Farm - Parcel H East Hall Lane Sittingbourne Kent ME10 3TJ
Proposal: Submission of Details pursuant to Condition 8 - Bat and Bird Boxes of SW/12/0260
Applicant: Mr Robin Underhill
Contact Address: Chartway Group Ltd Orchard House Westerhill Road Coxheath Maidstone

Application: 17/500101/LAWPRO
Officer: Andrew Byrne
Grid: 591329/163080
Ward: Roman
Address: 25 Peregrine Drive Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4TZ
Proposal: Lawful Development Certificate for proposed change of use from residential dwelling (Class C3) to house in multiple occupation by no more than six residents (Class C4).
Applicant: Mr Knowles
Contact Address: 25 Peregrine Drive Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4TZ

Application: 17/500162/FULL
Officer: Aaron Wilkinson
Grid: 591534/163277
Ward: Roman
Address: 26 Woodlands Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4SP
Proposal: Single storey rear/side extension

Applicant: Denis Vladiuc
Contact Address: C/O PresArhiGroup 62 Markmanor Avenue Walthamstow London E17 8HH

Application: 17/500080/FULL

Officer: Miss Alice Reeves
Grid: 600752/161031
Ward: St. Ann's
Parish: Faversham Town
Address: 57 Ospringe Road Faversham Kent ME13 7LG
Proposal: Proposed crossover, new driveway and retaining wall structure with steps, demolition of part of existing low level wall to front boundary of property
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Roberts
Contact Address: C/O Jason Davies Architectural Services 204 Sea Street Herne Bay CT6 8LF

Application: 17/500104/FULL
Officer: Sara Potter
Grid: 595726/172359
Ward: Sheppey Central
Parish: Minster-On-Sea
Address: 49 Drake Avenue Minster-on-sea Kent ME12 3SA
Proposal: Erection of a front and rear first floor extension.
Applicant: Mr Craig Brawn
Contact Address: C/O Cre8room Limited FAO: Mr Matthew Ripley Unit 20 Castle View Business Centre Gas House Road Rochester

Application: 17/500090/FULL
Officer: Andrew Byrne
Grid: 598830/170324
Ward: Sheppey East
Parish: Eastchurch
Address: Land At Orchard Way Eastchurch Kent ME12 4DS
Proposal: Pair of 3 bedroom semi-detached dwellings with associated parking spaces and a 4 bedroom house with double garage and parking all served by the propose extended highway.
Applicant: Mr Lee Marshall
Contact Address: C/O Kent Design Partnership Grove Dairy Farm Bobbing Hill Bobbing Sittingbourne ME9 8NY

Application: 17/500020/LBC
Officer: Miss Alice Reeves
Grid: 595364/162388
Ward: Teynham And Lynsted
Parish: Lynsted With Kingsdown
Address: Dover Castle  20 London Road Teynham ME9 9QS
Proposal: Listed building consent - Internal and external alterations including:- demolition of existing single storey gents toilet block. and structural alterations. Extension to existing rear car park, new wheelchair access ramp to front of pub and new external signage and sign writing.
Alterations to rear steps from car park and terrace, re-roofing of tiled pitched roofs and new patio doors to south elevation of east range. New kitchen extraction system, new single storey disabled toilet extension including new rear entrance lobby and new lean-to slate roof covering new disabled toilet extension and entrance lobby.

Applicant: Shepherd Neame Limited
Contact Address: C/O Shepherd Neame Limited 17 Court Street Faversham Kent ME13 7AX

Application: 16/508643/FULL

Officer: Tracy Day
Grid: 602852/161087
Ward: Watling
Parish: Faversham Town
Address: Land North Of Graveney Road Faversham Kent ME13 8UJ
Proposal: Development of the site to provide 105 residential units, comprising 75 houses and 30 flats, and associated, parking, landscaping and open space.
Applicant: Bellway Homes Ltd
Contact Address: C/O Savills 33 Margaret Street London W1G 0JD

Application: 17/500191/SUB
Officer: Claire Attaway
Grid: 588586/160040
Ward: West Downs
Parish: Bredgar
Address: Bradbourne  Bexon Lane Bredgar ME9 8HD
Proposal: Submission of Details to Discharge Condition 5-Material subject to 16/504218/FULL
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Low
Contact Address: C/O Mr Tony Day Alpha Design Studio Limited 43 Park Road Sittingbourne ME10 1DY

Application: 17/500150/FULL
Officer: Aaron Wilkinson
Grid: 590399/162763
Ward: Woodstock
Address: 11 Whitehall Road Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4HB
Proposal: Proposed two storey front and rear extension.
Applicant: Mr D Monks
Contact Address: C/O Mr Julian Mann 9 Preston Lane Faversham Kent ME13 8LF

Application: 17/500217/TCA
Officer: Sara Potter
Grid: 601034/161851
Ward: Priory
Parish: Faversham Town
Address: 8 Priory Road Faversham Kent ME13 7EJ
Proposal: Tree in Conservation Area notification for periodic pruning and general tidying of 1 x mature Rowan tree.
Applicant: Claire Sullivan And Iris Neel
Contact Address: 8 Priory Road Faversham Kent ME13 7EJ

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