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Thursday, 27 April 2017

UpARA - A Sporting Day Out In Ferques

A small but hardy group of UpARA members have been playing Petanque for a little while now. Hardy because we play in just about any weather condition and on not really appropriate surfaces. However, on Thursday 20th April, thanks to the Upchurch Twinning Committee, we were able to engage in a more serious contest with our “Twins” in Ferques, Picardy, France. So a small convoy of three cars and twelve passengers met up at the Chunnel terminal, a bonne heure, for the short dash under the channel. Off the Shuttle and just a 20 minute run to Ferques. That part of Northern France is very much like our home territory. Very rural, other than some enormous marble quarries.

The rendezvous was actually in a very pleasant municipal park in Elinghen on the outskirts of Ferques. Given the hour time difference, first item on the agenda was a snack lunch. Not surprisingly le picnic was baguettes and wine, or softer drinks if you preferred. The weather was very kind to us, being bright and sunny, if a touch cool, and we commenced this year's sun tans. We did rather eye the four Petanque pitches nervously, as they were a lot better than anything we were used to. They were flat and looked very “fast”. First sight of our opponents was also somewhat daunting, as a number of them seemed young and fit, and the rest older and looking very skilled. Clearly there was not too much common ground in terms of language, but signing and Gallic shrugs worked well enough. Our hosts had anticipated our relative inexperience, and paired each of us with un homme ou une femme. However, once we started playing we did not look totally the English amateurs, and acquitted ourselves quite respectably. The knock out tournament was a little hard to follow, but at the end of the day our Chairman, David, and his French partner, Roger, emerged triumphant.

We rounded the day off with a very pleasant dinner at a local Auberge in Weirre Effroy, and a speedy hoof up the motorway back to Calais. Unfortunately the machinations of  Le Shuttle side tracked one of our cars to a later train, but notwithstanding that we all had a great day out. Obviously this sort of activity is what ARAs are about, and with a very timely grant from Swale Borough Council, we are soon to have our own Petanque pitch. More than that the sheer exercise of “going foreign” is that this is a stimulating and very positive way to reinforce our personal confidence and self esteem. Which must be the very core of the ARA ethos.

Plus le meme...

Jacques Boules

Upchurch Co-op - Refit

The store will close for a refit on Monday the 1st of May at 10:00pm and is due to reopen on Monday the 22nd of May at 7:00am.

The cash machine will be unavailable during the refit.

Nearest stores are:

37 High Street, Newington.

22 Parkwood Green, Rainham.

Scott Boast
Manager - Upchurch Co-op

Monday, 24 April 2017

Co-op Membership - Choose a Local Cause

The Co‑op gives 1% of what Members spend on its products to community projects selected by Co‑op stores near your home.

You can choose which cause your own 1% goes to. If you don't, it's shared out between the causes of your nearest Co‑op. New causes are chosen every 6 months.

The next round of funding for causes in Upchurch is already well under way.

Our 3 current local causes are:

Upchurch Village Hall
1st Upchurch Scout Group
1st Upchurch Guides

Since September 2016, Co-op Members shopping in Upchurch have already helped raise over £2425 for local causes in our area.

To choose your cause and to become a member, 
please visit:

Upchurch Matters

Upchurch Football Club, NEW Men's Sunday Team - And an Opportunity to Sponsor Them Next Season

Top: Upchurch Football Club, taken after their last cup final match in 2014.
Below: pictured in their team photo circa 2011.
Upchurch Football Club are looking at starting a senior men's Sunday team again, to play in the Sunday Medway Messenger League next season, with their home ground at Upchurch Cricket Club. 

The previous team, Upchurch United which ran for over 10 years were very successful, winning many leagues titles and one cup!

If any local businesses would be interested in sponsoring the club to help cover the initial fees to re-enter the league, then any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

If you are interested, please contact Gavin on: 07725 980762 or

Gavin Baecke

Upchurch Horticultural Society - Plant Sale

Sponsored by Upchurch River Valley Golf Club -

Saturday 6th May 2017

The Paddock 8:30am

UHS will be holding its Spring Plant Sale in The Paddock so come along to get your annuals, perennials, shrubs and vegetable seedlings.

Good selection of plants available.

Sean Barry - Upchurch Horticultural Society